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CounterFire Limited-The Global Source for FIFI Systems

Counterfire is a division of Stang Industries Inc.
Last Update-12/30/09
If you are looking for an efficient & quality marine FIFI system then CounterFire Limited is your only choice. Designers and manufacturers of FIFI marine water monitor equipment for over 30 years, CounterFire has an unequaled record in quality and reliability.

By using state of the art software and technology, CounterFire brings you the very best in water monitor packages ranging from manual deck monitors to fully automated ship systems with wireless & PLC control. Motorized water monitors (cannons) are available in a full range including: hydraulic, electric, and even water- operated drive mechanisms. Typical systems include the following:

  • Water Monitors (Cannons)
  • High Performance Nozzles
  • Water Spray Systems
  • Foam Delivery Equipment
  • System Pumps
  • Engine to Pump Gearbox & Clutch Equipment
  • Valving for Entire System
    • Seachest Valves
    • Discharge Valve
    • Monitor Valves
  • Control System
    • Standard Joystick & Pushbuttons
    • Wireless Control
    • PLC Based Control
    • Touch Panel

CounterFire water monitors employ a unique patented design that balances the water pressure within the gun itself, to a degree that provides perfect one-man control, regardless of the volume of water being handled.

We promise you:

Customized products delivered faster than anyone else
Competitive rates on standard and customized products
An unequaled record in quality, design and service